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Wound Care Experts

We are an Independent, Physician owned wound care services provider.  We partner with Skilled Nursing Communities, Assisted Living and Veterans Homes providing the best bedside wound care assessments and treatments.  Our expertise and compassion is a vital resource for both your community and residents.
Mobile Wound Solutions has partnered with Tissue Analytics to bring our customers the latest in wound care documentation.  The Tissue Analytics wound management platform allows our providers to conduct advanced wound analysis and conforms to the highest level of HIPPA compliance.  To access your records click the image above. To learn more, please call our office at 888-314-1904.

Mobile Wound Solutions has partnered with NCF Diagnostics and DNA Technologies to bring our customers leading edge wound diagnostic capabilities allowing for advanced wound care management. Healthcare professionals are continually challenged with the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic wounds. Delays in healing are usually multi-factorial and require a systematic approach beginning with the accurate detection of infectious agents.  Conventional culture techniques are limited in being able to produce the growth of certain pathogens and and may leave the provider with incomplete information. NCF Diagnostics is redefining the approach to pathogen identification in wounds with the development of six different specialized panels that can detect up to 46 pathogens at once per wound type. This level of specification combined with the most advanced technology is the first step to achieving successful wound healing.
Clinical Advantages
  • Provides an Accurate Diagnosis within 24 hours
  • Detects Polymicrobial Infections at Once
  • Provides Qualitative and Quantitative Bacterial Load Analyses
  • Unaffected By Concurrent Antibiotic Use
  • Detects Pathogens that May Not Be Detectable by Culture
  • Decreases Healthcare Costs
  • Identifies Antibiotic Resistance
  • Improves Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Reduces Unnecessary Drug Exposure and Adverse Events
  • Decreases Patient Risks
  • Eliminates Subjectivity and Improves Clinical Confidence
  • Improves Patient Satisfaction

Person-Centered Care

MWS understands that everything we do is about the people we care for each visit. That is why our approach is focused on person-centered care. This includes making an effort to understand what each resident is communicating, verbally and nonverbally, and identifying what is important to each person with regard to daily routines and preferred activities. It also means ensuring the care and services provided honor and support individual preferences, choices, values and beliefs.

Meet our Providers

Dennis Block oversees the medical staff and the process of wound healing. Dr. Block is a national presenter and medical expert in the world of wound healing.  One of the founding fathers of Mobile Wound Solutions, he brings the art of wound healing to facilities and other clients in outpatient settings.
Dr. Dennis W. Block

Chief Medical Officer

Mariela was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico where she was a member of the National Honor Society and Presidential Classroom for Young Americans. She has been actively involved in wound healing and wound care for the last 20 years and has been published in wound healing.
Dr. Mariela Del Valle-Cruz

Regional Medical Director

Mark Johnson's medical education was through the University of Nebraska Medical Center and he completed his Family Medicine Residency at the University of Oklahoma.  Shortly after his residency, he became Board Certified in Family Medicine.   He has been involved in wound care since the 1980's.
Dr. Mark Johnson

Regional Medical Director (NE/IA)

Why Choose Us?

  • Sheila S

    R. N.

    "They provided us with a wound management policy that allows our floor staff to prevent and immediately treat wounds as they developed including skin tears, diabetic ulcers, moisture related and pressure.  I would recommend Dr. Del Valle’s team for all wound management.”
  • Natalie O

    R. N.

    " MWS has been an amazing asset to the care we provide to our residents! They provide thorough documentation to support our documentation and enhance the resident’s medical record. They also provide educational opportunities for our nursing staff that is current with all standards of practice and regulations. "
  • Meg K

    R. N.

    "Mobile Wound Solutions has been a great asset to our facility. Not only do they treat our patients with respect and dignity, they also provide us with the most current wound care treatments. They have taught our staff countless things about wound care and skin support. We would highly recommend them."
  • Kathy S.

    W. C. N.

    "Mobile Wound Solutions coming to Elm Crest  has been a very positive experience. I have learned so much from doing different treatments to learning about different dressings. The doctor and nurse are very good with the residents.  They are very good about explaining  the treatments to the residents and staff and are very respectful when coming into our building. I would recommend MWS to any facility."